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We offer exceptional alert systems for web and mobile

FramWeb is a Norwegian software company with a Scandinavian market area. We offer mobile and cloud-based alert systems to private companies and public enterprises. The services are developed in Norway.


Organic growth.
Long-term ownership

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When it really matters

With TeamAlert, everyone involved will receive alarms and messages on their mobile immediately. Development of the event can be followed continuously and the recipients can contribute with their own comments.

TeamAlert gives you an intuitive, simple and user-friendly interface for a fraction of the cost of similar products. All you need is a smartphone.

TeamAlert uses push notifications that can override phone limitations. Go to TeamAlert's website to read about how your employees get protected and how missions get solved. Feel free to download a demo!

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Simple and effective group alert

When an event occurs, GroupAlert can notify a group of recipients in an instant via SMS, email or voicemail. Send important information to employees, customers, suppliers and other groups. Send messages with response options.

GroupAlert is a very clear and economical method for external and internal corporate communication that can also use alarm buttons (Bluetooth / wifi) and pre-filled templates for lightning-fast response. Visit the website to find out more.

API integration

You can build integrations with our API to send SMS, voice and email messages. The interface is continuously updated and contains documentation that shows all available API points, authentication, examples, etc.

Read more about FramWeb Message API.